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Last updated: November 3, 2020
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This article describes how to install WordPress on a site hosted by DreamHost (Affiliate link). DreamHost has several options that fit small to medium business sites. You can view their pricing in their site at the Hosting Overview page.

Now more than ever DreamHost makes it easy to setup your WordPress website with them. I know I sound a little like a commercial but they are very centered towards WordPress.

You can watch the video to see how the setup goes or read on for the text version which has a few more details.

Login to your DreamHost panel

First of all, login to your DreamHost panel at The username/password combo will be what you created when you signed up to DreamHost.

DreamHost Panel

Creating a site

In order to install WordPress you first need a site to install it to. If you already have a site created you can move on to the next step. To create a subdomain for the WordPress install, follow these instructions.

Click on “Manage Domains” to create a site instance.

Click on Manage Domains to create a site

Click the big blue button to create your site (we’ll use a subdomain for this example).

Creating a subdomain

Fill in the requested data and let DreamHost create a new user for your site (this will give you SFTP access to the files). Click on “Fully host this domain” to finish.

Creating a site for your WordPress install

The result will be some information that you should copy/paste somewhere where you can find it later. If you were setting up a domain, you would need the three Nameservers listed here so you can direct the domain to the DreamHost servers (That would be done in your registrar – Godaddy or Namecheap for example).

Creating a site for your WordPress install

Installing WordPress

On the left side of your DreamHost panel is a sidebar menu, here you will see clearly WordPress. Click on that option to install WordPress.

Click on WordPress

Next click “Learn More & Install” to continue with the installation.

Click on “Learn More & Install”

A dialog window will open up showing you some options. From the list you need to choose the domain you want to setup WordPress in. We will let the installer create a database for us (if you want to create your own database and give it a specific user/password combo I’ll show you at the end of this article). I usually uncheck the two options (Deluxe install, Install WP Website Builder) but you can leave them checked. The Deluxe install gives you some additional themes to use in your site.

Installer dialog

The installer will give you a “Success!” message but you will get the welcome email in around 5-10 minutes.

Success message

This email will give you the user the installer created and a link to reset your password.

Email message

Email message

Choose a strong password and write it somewhere you can find it easily.

Reset your password

Login to the WordPress Dashboard

Once you have reset your password you will be shown a link to log into your site’s dashboard. If for some reason you have lost this link you can find the login link on the welcome email you received, point #4 (4.  Once everything’s set up, go here to manage/post to your site:). That link will end with wp-login.php.

Login to your WordPress dashboard

You will be taken to your WordPress dashboard where you can start adding posts or pages into your website.

WordPress Dashboard

In order to view the front-end of your website hover over the name of the site in the top left corner of the dashboard and click on “Visit Site”.

Visit your website front end

You’ll be able to view the front end of your website and start working on your site.

Your WordPress site!

Creating your own Database

If you prefer naming your database and choosing your own username/password for it you can do this in DreamHost through the sidebar menu under “More” you will find “MySQL Databases”. Click on that to get to a page where you can setup everything the way you want it.

Creating databases in DreamHost

Database creation in DreamHost

Your database will be shown in a list similar to this. When you start the WordPress installer dialog window you will be able to choose your database from a list there.

Your databases at DreamHost

Thank you for reading.


You can find more about DreamHost by clicking this link (affiliate link).

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